We believe climbing
is for everyone

Have you ever signed up for a climbing membership and then couldn't find anyone to train with? Cancel a trip because you didn't have enough quickdraws or crash pads? Move to a new city and awkwardly try to strike up a conversation with someone in the bouldering room because you don't know anyone else?

Whether you've been climbing your whole life, or just starting out, one thing remains the same: you need a belay partner. Someone who is safe, secure, and knows what they're doing. And after you convince them to give you a catch, you have to coordinate your climbing schedules together for a time you're both available. And then figure out who's bringing what gear. Oh, and also hope that they're gonna be cool and not mansplain anything to you. Wheeeew. When can we get to the actual climbing part?

Rocks is here to simplify the process. We know how hard coordinating a climb can be, especially when you're first starting out, and we want to make it easier to meet other climbers. Whether you're inside or outside, gear or no gear, you'll always be able to find someone to tie in with.

Rocks is a new way to climb

Gone are the days of putting your information on the gym's community board, messaging every climber you know, and hoping at least one person can make it. It's the modern-day board we wish we had: designed to bring the community together and make it easier to coordinate your availability and gear. Built for climbers, by climbers.

Our vision is simple. We want climbing to be safe and accessible for everyone, regardless of your skill level and whether you can afford all that (very expensive!) gear. Just post when and where you wanna go, and Rocks will take care of the rest so that you can focus on your favorite part: sending!

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